Beneath the Obvious

  • 2020 global deal volume decreased 26%.

  • Nationally, rent collections for REITs dropped to 50% in April, climbed to 80% by August, and settled north of 90%. 

  • NW collections outperformed other regions by 5-15% in spite of greater lockdowns/restrictions.

  • Retail bankruptcies take significant time - workouts, buyouts and lender flexibility.

  • Investors eyeing more redevelopment vs ground up.

  • Lender flexibility starting to wane and expecting to tighten belts in light of strong bounce back.

  • Construction costs in NW largest impediment to new deals.  Affordability component hurting.  

  • Ground lease tenants dwindling due to costs and timelines.

  • Drive thru rent premium is 50%+.

  • Retail spending increased overall with ecommerce - nationals benefited.

  • Tenants are doing deals now for ‘22-’23 openings.

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